March Signage


Reclaim Pride Coalition


This commission has become a highlight of my career, and I’m so proud of this piece. “See us, hear us. Love is the power!”

I came from the Deep South – I grew up in a conservative Christian principle, was told my way of living is a sin, was abused by the religion, was sexually assaulted by men (I made peace with this experience – please don’t worry), spend my early gay life in the white-centered gay culture,,, After all, I did not even value my own voice whatsoever. The fear was real.

But look at me now. I am so out there and so proud of being a queer illustrator. I’m hoping to use my voice and illustration to advocate our equality and rights more and more!

I thank Chidi and Lia, and Reclaim Pride Coalition for the project and opportunity – I was able to reflect my little life and rediscovered my passion project. Happy Pride 2021 everyone!