Taming the Beast


AD Jeremy Leung, Institutional Investor


I was commissioned to do a main illustration and portrait illustration for an article written by journalist Amanda Cantrell, and it’s about aggressive business tactics of the Texas based hedge fund firm.

Work in Traditional Process:

Final drawing:


Thankfully the thumbnail #2 rang the bell; visually portraits a battle between the beast and its opponents, and it eventually leads to tame the beast. I personally really happy to work on this particular concept because A) yes, I did like the concept, but also B) visually speaking, I always wanted to illustrate something like medieval wall tapestries! I love seeing its deep and warm tones, textures and deterioration of the fabrics, and somewhat violent hunting scenes on the tapestries. I went in with this piece fully!

Work in Digital Process:

It was so fun working on this illustration, thank you AD Jeremy and II team!