Ink Drawing

Print Version

Seasons of Japanese Monetary Policy


WirtschaftsWoche, Germany


WirtschaftsWoche is a leading business weekly magazine in Germany, and I was hired to create a main illustration for a special economic section called “Der Volkswirt”.

Graphic Designer Claudia send me a summary of the article kindly; the article was about the Japanese central bank and its expansive monetary policy. It tells that the Bank of Japan was the global pioneer in a very loose monetary policy, but now they can no longer find the reverse gear and are now even the largest shareholder in the country. 

I wanted to explore the seasons of Japanese monetary policy conceptually, and thought that using a Japanese yen-bill in an origami folding form would be a cool idea! Claudia and AD Patrick wanted to see a cherry blossom tree/flower in some ways, so it worked out very well.

At the end, we had: (1) a print version, and (2) a web version, which is little longer than the print version.

I love drawing Asian/Japanese inspired illustrations, and I hope they carry a unique, natural sensibility of Asian-ness that I have within myself.

Thank you Claudia and Patrick for this fun project!