Oil Pastel Drawing

Proud Asian

Currently (January–February, 2021) there’s a surge of violent attacks against Asian-Americans in the U.S., and it raises so many concerns among us. The racism and xenophobia against the Asian community has been orchestrated by COVID-19 recently, and it starts manifesting itself a more physical and violent way.

This makes me both sad and upset. In November 2020, a random stranger yelled at me, “Go back to China!” while I was walking in Battery Park. I lived in Alabama and Georgia before, so I KNOW how it really feels like living in a community, city, state as a hardcore minority… not like one of many Asians in NYC. Anywhere I went, I felt every little strange looks casted by locals.

Sometimes, illustration becomes a visual manifesto of what I’ve been through, felt, and tasted. This piece is one of them.