Portrait of Florence Welch


Exclaim, Canada


I was commissioned by AD Shingo Shimizu from Exclaim, a nation-wide Canadian entertainment newspaper, to illustrate a portrait of Florence Welch (also known as a lead singer from Florence + the Machine) for their summer 2018 issue.  I am a big fan of her music and was so happy that I got a chance to draw her, so immediately I said yes to this exciting project.  After reading a brief provided by AD Shingo, we both agreed that this piece should convey dramatic and energetic movement of her style, unique and powerful voice, and her expressive hand gestures.


Shingo Shimizu

Thumbnails & Process

We moved forward with Thumbnail #1, also giving an instrument; tambourine, which she often use while her performance.  One little accident; I read a feedback from AD Shingo so quickly, and mistakenly read “tambourine” to “trombone”… and made some chaos in our email exchange!  Lesson learned; read the feedback from AD carefully (duh…)

Finished drawing, original

We made some adjustments on the drawing digitally because the tambourine on the original drawing had gotten too big, and this point, it took away the focal point from this piece.  Her face should stay in the main focus… So,

After the approval, then I colored it on Photoshop.  Here is the finished piece!

Thank you very much AD Shingo, James and Stephen for this project!!