New Developments in LDI.

Title: New Developments in LDI (Jan/Feb issue 2017)

Client: AD SooJin Buzelli, PLANSPONSOR

Description: Obstables coming up…  The year 2016 delivered waves of unexpected causes and effects for the investment world generally speaking.  The refinement in financial techniques stirred reactions in sponsors and their asset managers to higher interest rates, and now that rates appear to be moving even higher, will lead to a redefinition of Liability-Driven Investing (LDI).  

The keywords that I was given was; Obstacle, Unknown, Changing,,,


SooJin thought my thumbnails are too passive, so asked me to give her images that have more punch and impact based on #4 and #5.

#8 was her choice, and that was a definite go sign to start inking!

And this is the final drawing.

Thank you AD SooJin for this wonderful assignment; I got to draw observatories and stars!