Midnight Truck to Georgia

This is my self-initiated piece I started shortly after I moved back to Atlanta in August 2023. With my new faculty position and freelance commissions, it took a while to complete this one. Initially, I was planning to complete this piece before my new position started and officially announce my relocation with the piece, but hey, that was just a goal I couldn’t achieve haha. (And yes, I have many other unfinished personal works on my computer—you know how it goes haha.)

Anyway, I always knew that I would eventually move back to Atlanta later in my life but didn’t expect that I would be able to make it happen sooner than I hoped. Even though I was excited about my move, it was pure evil. It drained my soul, energy, and my bank account to bone dry haha. (Ugh, moving boxes were so expensive!!) My mom and my best friend Gary came to help me with packing—I couldn’t do it without them. Gary and I drove a small UHaul truck together back in 2014 from Atlanta to NYC, and we did the same this time, but a bigger truck. It took us 13 hours to Atlanta (got there around 5:30 AM), but we two gaysians had a great time singing songs by Mariah, Whitney, and Celine (duh!)… Oh, except when he opened a crabcake takeout in the car while I was driving… I love me some crabcakes but the smell hits you differently in a closed tiny space lol)

I spent 5 years in Atlanta while I was in college and graduate school. I have all my support system here, and I love love love this city. I’m so excited to meet new friends, creative folks, churchy folks, and talented students/colleagues in this amazing city.

PS. My dear fellow Atlantans, I apologize for making the traffic worse.