Silkscreen final version with text

Kagemusha Silkscreen Poster


AD Francis Fung, Club Silencio Prints


Society of Illustrators Annual 61, Institutional


It’s 10-color silkscreen alternative movie poster of Akira Kurosawa’s Kagemusha for Club Silencio Prints.  The tale of a thief who had to impersonate a dying warlord and eventually lived as a full-time double when the warlord died.  The haunting part of this movie is that a transition of the thief’s mental stability from being norm, a breakdown to crazed.  This is my third collaboration with AD Francis, and obviously it was such a wonderful experience working with him and his team again.  And this piece was accepted to the Society of Illustrators Annual show.


The thumbnail No.4 caught their eyes.  The idea was about a reflection…  A real image of himself and a fake image of himself being the warlord started torturing him, and he began to lose himself.  They wanted this piece to be rich and colorful, so I did a small color study.

The inking was hideous.  Drawing many many abstract shapes as clouds and water reflection and an intricate Japanese armor took so much time!! (duh! haha).  I also wanted to make sure there’s a statement of contradiction.  A petty thief and a confident warlord, weak and strong, cool tone and warm tone, reality and ideal, truth and lie…

Final drawing

Thank you AD Francis and team!!