Bon Appetit.

Title: Bon Appétit

Client: AD Tim Ball, POLITICO Europe

Description: Cover illustration.  By new EU rule, edible insects now has gotten much wider usage into people’s food.  The insect farmers are now seeing this new ruling as a key for greater niche entrepreneurship.

On Wednesday, 4:00pm, I got a call from AD Tim for this gig, however, he warned me this gig is VERY quick turnaround piece.  Luckily the topic and article were something that give me many visual even in first read through.


I sketched on my way home while I was on a subway.



By 11AM next day, we were done done.  I was so tired, but had to teach a class from 1PM-8:30PM after…  I was mad tired (really I thought I might pass out some moments in the classes), but I made it through.

This is my first time I finished letter-size full-color illustration in 11 hours.

Next day, it was already out online!

Thank you so much, AD Tim.  I enjoyed the ride with you for this piece.  It came out super bliss!