Inking Process in GIF
Digital Process, Yes I do organize every document neat and on point haha.

Client: AD Jeremy Leung, Institutional Investor Magazine


Description: Working on editorial illustrations could go by rapid fire–I have a couple of days of inking and a day of digitally coloring it to complete the piece. I do love the intensity of the editorial workload for sure, but this project brought me even more fun and pure joy.

Why, you ask?

Well, because I got to draw elephants! I have a list of topics, themes, things, people I would love to draw commercially someday, and they’re all quietly waiting for their own time to be picked.

So, I had a wonderful time awwwww-ing during my photo reference research for this. The elephants have wonderfully beautiful eyes!! What a blessing to be paid to draw what I wanted to draw!

This piece became a vivid illustration for a serious article, but I believe sometimes my job is to make a super serious report and topic to humanize, approachable, and readable visually.

I love working with AD Jeremy, who has his own illustration practice and such a talented illustrator as well. I hope y’all enjoy this piece too!

Final Drawing