The Storyteller (Sea of Ink and Gold #3)


AD Kristin Smith Boyle, Penguin Random House


Book cover for a young-adult novel written by the author Traci Chee.  The Storyteller is a sequel to the NY Times bestselling fantasy, The Reader; it is magical and super female-powered adventurous story.  I had to deliver a whimsical backdrop for the cover with many arrow heads and mountains as we see many occasions in the story.

The final book cover for this wonderful story‚Ķ  I was so ready to rock this cover when I got a call for the project.  From our Book One to now, Book Three, the team knew what the exact direction we should take in term of color, figure, and elements.  The process was very smooth, and I enjoyed working on the coloring; it was a full of energy and aggression.  The strong madness of red, orange, yellow and purple; such a perfect combination to decorate our final artwork.  I hope people feel the heat and movement when they see this cover art!

Here are some highlight from the process;

Thumbnails to make sure all the elements are in a right place as a cohesive design;

Last little tweak on the thumbnail to make sure the color theme is right;

And a fun part; inking!

Final drawing;

Coloring in Photoshop;