Silkscreen final version with text

The Reader


AD Kristin Smith, Penguin Random House


Malcolm Wang, CWC Tokyo


The Society of Illustrators 59 Annual Competition, Book Category


I was commissioned by Penguin Random House to work on their new book series, The Reader, written by Traci Chee, the talented storyteller.  This is her debut novel, and I was extremely blessed to work with the wonderful group of people from my rep, Malcolm, to AD Kristin from the publisher.  The story has deep and rich enough narratives to work on its artwork from the beginning, not only the characters and physical descriptions regarding its own world but also the mood.  The sense of temperature and speed, emotions and sounds,,,  I was seeing that all when I was reading the manuscript.  The shades of blues and greens, movement of waves and wind,,,  that’s what I needed to illustrate for this!  I enjoyed the whole process and working with them.  I love reading books and poems, and finally I got to work for a book cover.  I can’t wait for more project in future.  Thank you!