The Change of the BOJ Chief


AD Claudia Immig, WirtschaftsWoche


The article is about the change of the Head of the Bank of Japan. The BOJ has financed the national budget for years through a tighter monetary policy. But in the meantime, the inflation is also increasing. The new central bank governor will therefore face major challenges.

The idea is Japan’s uncertainty and fear of the future economy. I wanted to create a traditional Japanese room with silk or washi-paper folding screens (“byobu”), where important meetings were/are held historically. You see the BOJ Tokyo building, the Japanese banknote (that is getting cloudy), and the rising suns as mural paintings. In the foreground, there is a former governor passing a sword like a relay baton to the new governor.

Easter egg: the “YH008180YH” on the banknote is fake! It stands for “Yohey-Horishita-August 18” —my birthday! And certainly, that’s not a password I use on any occasion!