Un-Biblical Conscious.

Title: Un-Biblical Conscious

Description: Spot illustrations for my thesis.

1. Fisherman: The Bible says, “Come, follow me,” Jesus said, “and I will send you out to fish for people.” –Matthew 4:19  This is one of those Bible verses that I’ve heard countlessly since I was baby (literally.)  Then I thought as I grew up, “What if there is no fish left, but I’m still fishing in an empty ocean?”  Christianity has widely spread already in both good and bad ways.  Is it still saving people’s life, or hurting people?

2. Directions: Hell? or Heaven?

3. Peace: What Christian thinks of “peace making” is not always a peace making, but mess making.

4. Tithe and Offering: Money, money, money.  The other day at a church I was just visiting (to see my friend’s solo with his choir,) the pastor said, “Now it’s time for Tithe and Offering!! We accept cash, check, and now credit card!!” (of course in such a humorous way, and we laughed)… Wow, church is using technology to get more “support”.