Therapy Session.

Title: Therapy Session

Description: Personal piece.  I go to my therapy session regularly now, which I didn’t think I was that person who go to see a therapist. I did believe vaguely that taking care of own mental health is good as if it was a myth, and certainly it wasn’t applied on my own mental health.

After my first few sessions, I was very frustrated and rushed to work on this piece.  This is how I felt in a beginning of my journey… There were pretty dramatic and busy thoughts and feelings on my mind, but it was very difficult to refine them by using words to communicate with my therapist.  The most of my earlier sessions were filled with “umm…” and “I don’t know.” Digging bit deeper, training my palette, reeducating myself to feel my own emotions,,, I’m taking small steps by session and session, but it has been actually making a wonderful impact on my life.