The Empress Hummingbird.

Title: The Empress Hummingbird

Description: My contribution for a collaborative project by Savannah College of Art and Design–Atlanta Illustration Department.  This year, we did a tarot card deck with the animal land theme; each juried student/alumnus is assigned to illustrate one (or two) card(s).  I was assigned to do The Empress, the major arcana.  Its symbolistic elements are mainly a star-crown, dress, a shield and orb, throne, a forest background, and of course the Empress herself.  The meaning for those are fertility, nature, love, the mother nature, prosperity, life, femininity, beauty, abundance and such.  Isn’t it gorgeous?

I enjoyed illustrating “life and nature” aspects of her symbolism, and her dress was a perfect platform to do that.  I definitely wanted it to be subtle/soft flavor in the illustration; which I focused on a soft and delicate aspects of femininity.  Hummingbirds and flowers are playful elements to integrate foreground and background (become a part of the dress and become a part of background or foreground.)  I just love illustrating flower…

Thank you so much SCAD Atlanta!