Self-portrait, a Wounded Believer.

Title: Self-portrait, a Wounded Believer 2016

Description: This is my 1st personal piece in 2016.  I grew up in a Christian household, not even my family but my whole extended families are believers of Jesus Christ in various denominations.  After I start showing signs of my sexuality, it was critical situation to the way my family believed and was taught; the literalism of Christianity.  Homosexuality wasn’t acceptable in order to receive the eternal life, and my family was so upset and denial.  More than their struggle, I suffered by the conflict so heavily.

This “Self-portrait, a Wounded Believer” is definitely not a traditional portrait of a face and whatnot, but the concept itself is myself a couple of years ago.  All the biblical education I had tangles myself, prayers for my sin and “victories” from my sin are stubbing me, but still I have held my belief in Christian God.

Imagery-wise, I wanted to go for an aesthetic of Medieval etching drawing. Somewhere witch-hunt was held by the church, intricate and fabulous ornaments weren’t “gay”, but somewhat masculine…  Hope it’s working!