No Sight but See by Ears.

Title: No Sight but See by Ears, Poet Semimaru, 2016

Description: Portrait of Semimaru, a well-known poet and a musician during early Heian Period (794-1185) in Japan.  He played the lute (which is a string instrument like guitar), and the music he plays mesmerized many people. He lived alone by a busy slope in Kyoto, and wrote a famous poetry.  I interpreted his poet more vivid and energetic way, not much of wabi-sabi mood…  I’m glad my AD Mori allowed me to take this direction.  He was certainly surprised my interpretation, but gave me a go-sign!  I believe Poet Semimaru imagined his surroundings (people come and go, shops, traffics in this busy slope) through his ears.

  • Client:Yomiuri Newspaper