Nine Doves.

Title: Nine Doves, For Charleston Shooting Victims

Description: My sincere contribution for the saints at ‪#‎EmanualAMEChurch‬ in‪#‎Charleston‬. I’ve never heard any news that hit me this deeper level since Japanese earthquake and tsunami in 2011. As a ‪#‎Christian‬ who has been a part of ‪#‎AfricanAmericanChurch‬ community myself, this was too much to handle when I heard the news; 9 precious lives were taken away by the young gunman. I’ve been actively praying for the families of the victims, the members of the church, and for our whole church community as well. I really hope that someday I will be able to go to the place where these 9 saints are now; ‪#‎Heaven‬. ‪#‎PrayForCharleston‬ ‪#‎Dove‬ ‪#‎Prayer‬‪#‎MotherEmanuel‬