CASIO Computer New Year’s Greeting Card.

Title: CASIO Japan New Year’s Greeting Card

Description: Ad agency, Impress (they have been so nice to me for past three years!), brought this new year’s card project from CASIO Computer Japan, the globally known Japanese consumer electronics and commercial electronics manufacturing company in Tokyo. This New Year’s greeting card is one of many Japanese traditions that carried into the business practice in Japan, and I was honored to work for CASIO. 2017 is the Year of Bird according Lunar Year, so I was asked to illustrate four different mythical bird (in other word, phoenix.)  What I like in my creative process is researching.  I love to research and read as many texts regarding a subject matter that I need to draw.  In this case, reading about Chinese phoenix, Japanese phoenix, Egyptian phoenix, and Fire bird…  Each culture has shown a unique representation of life, power, strength, and beauty.  Chinese phoenix has five distinctive colours, Japanese phoenix is all in red and gold, Egyptian phoenix is god of sun and life, and Fire bird is all in flame and fly over the cosmos. CASIO also needed to promote their new printer. My pieces have textures and many intricate colour, but I believe, CASIO printers bring greater result.

Thank you Impress, my agent Keiko for taking care of this project, and of course, thank you very much CASIO Japan!