Canon Nengajo.

Title: Nengajo (New Year’s Greeting Card)

Client: Canon Japan

Calligraphy Artist: Kousui Shirakawa

Description: 2018 is the year of dog, and I was commissioned by Canon Japan to do their New Year’s Greeting Card, which is one of the traditions that still pretty much commonly practice in the Japanese modern society.  It seems like I do traditional greeting card every year, and I do enjoy doing it.  The main reason is pattern; I’m known for adopting these Japanese traditional patterns into my works, and again, I do enjoy it.

This time, I have only done one piece (budget issue*; I ain’t no cheap babe! hahaha) But, that means I gotta give them gooooood, and also in the name of Canon, you know?

The New Year’s greeting card is somewhat very straightforward; it needs to be traditional, animal of the year, and stationery composition.  I gave them two ideas; and they chose #1.  Dog playing with mari (Japanese traditional balls), fun.

They wanted to make an adjustment on its composition just a little.

Drawing here I come! 

This time, I digitally composed the drawings.  It was easier to color line works separately.  And this is the final drawing!